How one of my favorite Instagram hashtags embodies the definition of a digital community.

My college cross country team getting ready to race. Some of us are ready to go wearing some fast braids. Photo by Ian Doors

The Backstory

Running is tough. The mental and physical stress you endure on a run can be a lot. I know first hand how mentally challenging running is, especially competitively. I am a collegiate distance runner and run for my school’s cross country and track team. I also ran all throughout high…

My relationship with digital media, technology, and how it has changed me over time.

Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock

Ever sine I remember I have been around technology, it has always been a part of my life. For my whole life my Dad has worked for Intel Corporation, so what came along with that was all of the new gadgets he would bring home. From new tablets, to computers…

Michelle Valcich

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